I’m late, but willing

I guess I should have started blogging five years ago when I was told it was “the thing to do”.   So I’m late, but willing!  That is not the story of my life however; usually I’m early and demanding, which leads me to my thoughts today. Do I expect too much from the people around me? My wife, my kids, my staff, the garbage man (I expect them to pick up all of the garbage not just a few select pieces. Is my garbage being judged on its content?) In my business, I teach people how to be more influential how to be more effective in leadership, change, sales etc. So I know what the research says we are supposed to do and what works, but its not that easy when you have expectations that you believe should be met and those around you are not that particularly interested in meeting them regardless of the trust and stability of your relationships. The research shows that lowering your expectations is a pretty good start but how can we do that on a personal level and how low can you go?

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