Too Much Information

We all have things we need to learn but in the last few years I have learned so much that sometimes it prevents me from being effective. My new car tells me exactly how many miles I can go on a tank and will give me satellite instructions on how to get there. As a result I tend to drive around on empty without needing to know where I am. I want to make it clear that I believe that without proper information it’s difficult to be effective. I am after all in the information business. However, options should be optional. I don’t need 8 way’s to access my Email and I don’t need 80 Emails a day. I actually had someone send me an Email on how to be concise that was 7 pages long. I rented a car one time that had about six buttons on the remote and one of them actually said panic. No kidding! Dodge vehicles actually have a panic button. At what point did we decide that to panic was a solution to a car problem? I can panic pretty well on my own, without the help of technology! I understand that we need to learn and that a continuous flow of knowledge is vital for a company, or a civilization for that matter. But taking action can be almost impossible if we just keep constantly absorbing data. Action creates opportunity! So shouldn’t my goal be to do something that needs to be done today; not learn more about how to do it?

“The level of stress an employee feels during organizational change is proportional to the level of perceived threat.” ~ Garrison Wynn 

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