Bamboozled by Behaving Badly: The relationship between trust and behavior

One of the discoveries of the Wynn Solutions research  is that behavior eventually betrays skill. It does not matter how talented or smart you are if no one wants to work with you. Its like: What do Tonya Harding and Michael Jackson have in common (besides the fact they are both Caucasian women)? They are talented people whos’ abilities were overshadowed by their weird/bad behavior. If people don’t like your behavior they look for reasons not to trust or agree with you. They see your actions and efforts through a filter of distrust. Even people who hate Michael Jackson would rate him as one of the most talented singer-dancers of all-time. The two bestselling Albums in history are “Thriller” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” (which proves that people apparently never get tired of dancing and smoking pot). The sales of Thriller dropped dramatically as Michael went through his court dates, baby dangling and strange lifestyle encounters. Understand I’m not saying that Michael is guilty of a crime, but he’s at least guilty of nine counts of being big-time weird. The last I heard of Tonya Harding she was “Mud Boxing”. I’m not an expert in the sport but I’m pretty sure you are not at the pinnacle of your career if you are a fighting in mud for money. My point, I think we understand that there is a lot more to success than being the best; but are we truly aware of how our behavior reduces our impact and opportunities on a daily basis?


One Response to Bamboozled by Behaving Badly: The relationship between trust and behavior

  1. Dasia says:

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Icrneidlbe!

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