Am I Really Resistant to Change?

Dinosaur ManChange is not the big problem of course its resistance to change. If things stay the same I will not lose my expertise and my value. Ok sure, I will be “dinosaur man” but I will be an expert dinosaur man. I will be like the guy who works at the museum; my information is old but I am positioned to where old information seems to have relevant value. Sounds Ok I guess, but the truth is I am just resisting the inevitable (no offense to museum employees around the world). My fear of not being valuable has created a reason for me to stay in the dark. It’s like making buggy whips for horse carriages, there is a market for the Amish I guess but even they will upgrade eventually. When we are driving “mind-controlled hover cars”, they will have model T’s (my apologies to the Amish if this is offensive,; of course if you are Amish an on line then you probably have a 72 Buick you keep hidden in town). Changing behavior is not easy when you feel the result of the process will reduce your status and opportunities. Some people will just put Whiteout on their computer screen! Are we willing to take a look at the long term results of our resistance to change?

One Response to Am I Really Resistant to Change?

  1. The human race is a race of cowards; and I am not only marching in that procession but carrying a banner.

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