Middle-aged Man Seeks Young Opinions

Casual Friday
A lot of people my age are having difficulty dealing with young people (under 30). As you may know my company has programs on how to manage and motivate younger workers. Its research based, informative and entertaining (I just caught myself plugging my own stuff in my blog, sorry). But the real issue is just adjusting to who these people are. Brilliant and valuable no doubt, but their need to have it their way can be difficult for some. After you’ve reduced the dress code to pretty much a beach party, it’s hard to deal with a 22 year old guy in sweat pants on a Thursday asking if you have casual Fridays. I’m like, sure, it’s called naked Fridays. If we are going to be effective with younger people and have the ability to motivate them we will have to adapt. We also have to see how they view us. I had a young person tell me the reason my computer crashes is because I’m old! Then they said when they asked me a question, they wanted the answer, not the history of the answer! Ok, I get it; I have some how become middle-aged. But it was just yesterday that I was 20, good looking, full of energy and ready for anything. Ok, it was not yesterday its was1982! The question is: If I know that I need to motivate younger people by praising them along the way to the goal because that is what they grew up with; and I know they need short tight deadlines (not the “in twenty years you will have my job” crap)! How can I deal with my opinion about their future? Research shows that each generation is uniquely suited to be effective in the world they will inherit, but will it hold true for these people? I can’t visualize the guy who told me he could not work late because the only reason he took the job was to pay for his Jeep and if he works late he will not have enough time to drive it. As the future of America, If you are under 30 please respond, I would like to hear your comments.

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  1. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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