Remembering What’s Important is a Forgotten Art

I stopped in at an airport restaurant in DC last night which I will not name (I should but I won’t). As I looked up from my menu and saw the young man looking at me with a slight daze ready to take my order, I quickly ordered and was shocked at what I heard. He said what I ordered would take 20 minutes. I picked something else; it also would take 20 minutes. He then informed that everything on the menu would take 20 minutes. I asked him if he understood that this was an airport (I said it jokingly and it was taken that way)! He apologized and said that people needed to show up early for their flights. I was way too shocked to reply. He then said he could do a dish very quickly and I thanked him. It came out in 15 minutes and was micro waved so hot that the steam alone burned my hand.

The questions are:

Have we forgotten what’s important to our customers?

Are we positioned to give them what they value?

Have we forgotten to keep asking ourselves these questions so our value increases or at least stays the same?

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