Having Your Time Managed for You: The Xbox 360 Example

Odyssey by MagnavoxFor some of us, there comes a time when we have lost control of our ability to manage our own time. This post may not be for those of you who never waste time (and off the record I dislike you for it). It’s for those of us who need some help in the time management area. I do pretty well for a while and I have all the tools (I teach time controls programs) but sometimes I get side tracked and end up at a 3hr lunch (never go to lunch with people who don’t have jobs). I need people and systems to help me stay on track so I can make the most of my day. I have staff that will say “Garrison you need to get this thing going today” or “What are you doing? You should be working on the program in Los Angles next week”. But the Xbox 360 fall update will have a “Family Timer” that will allow parents to set a maximum amount of daily or weekly time for their kids to play video games (I think they need an option that makes you go out side, or at leased gives you a spray on tan). Now, for the record, I am a gamer; Xbox 360 is my choice and Call of Duty 3 is my favorite game. I’m in my 40’s and started out with Odyssey by Magnavox in 1973 ( its was pretty much Pong with stick-on overlays that made you think you were playing Hockey or football) and picked it back up with Xbox. I think this “Timer” is a great idea and we should apply the same principles in our lives. Having a meeting with a 1hour limit, programming your pc to tell you to go home, having your cell phone call you and say “stop calling people its 11:00 pm”. Maybe even a blog analyzer that tells you when your post just ran out of steam! Uh, later!


One Response to Having Your Time Managed for You: The Xbox 360 Example

  1. What’s wrong with a 3 hour lunch? That sounds like a much better use of time than most spend in an office on a daily basis, espeically if you spend it building relationships. I am sure if you add up the amount of time people spend “getting ready to work” (checking other email, playing a quick 300 games of solitaire, joining in cubicle banter, etc) the 3 hour lunch would sound like a good idea.

    I have often found that people will use the time allotted whether it is 30 minutes or 3 hours and get the same level of productivity. I am all about the timers. If only you could put a timer on someone’s career… “I’m sorry… your time with us is up. Thank you for playing. Please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

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