Hollywood’s Most Influential Infants?

Have we lost our minds? This is news? We have decided that the infant children of famous people are influential? The ugly truth: If you ask people about Shiloh, they will not mention the famous Civil War battle, they will instantly think of the offspring (not be confused with multiple adopted children) of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Brangelina). Let’s be very clear, infants are not influential! The media is influential, and “we the people” are priority challenged. If I was the leader of an evil foreign power and saw news coverage of influential celebrity babies, I would be thinking “Attack America now”! Influence is based on communication and positioning; if we believe that you can have that at 3 months old, we are the most easily influenced culture in history. Some may argue that the future of our nation is indeed in the hands if spoiled babies. I think our youth will grow up and be ok; as long as we don’t decide they are influentially news worthy while they are still in diapers.


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