Lots of Kinks with FedEx Kinko’s: Workbooks and Customer Service

RobotI must say that I would normally never single out an organization for customer service issues, but I can’t contain myself any longer. We have all had problems with getting our stuff printed correctly from time to time, but I think I’ve just had it! I got use to the fact that they can’t find your order when you go in to pick it up and that they don’t particularly want to help you when you stand at the counter. But we recently had a location in Arizona, butcher our workbooks and then blame it on us, after we went through their online system. And this was after we talked to an employee that said she personally supervised the order and agreed on what was supposed to happen. We checked, and double checked and received verification of the specifics of the order. How complex was our request? 70 units at 5 page’s each, the first in color and the rest in black & white, stapled in the left-hand corner.

What did we get? Everything in black & white and unstapled, literally a box of paper.  Now, I understand that people make mistakes (and apparently smoke pot) but the story gets weirder. When we complained, the young lady (who clearly did not care if I lived or died from the minute she picked up the phone) said, “we can only do what the system tells us.” And then she hung up on me. So, the term that comes to mind is evil young cranky robot (not to let any old cranky robots off the hook). But the story then reaches the ultimate level of psychotic service. I called the customer service 800 number and told them my story, they said someone would call me back in 48 hours (now that’s service) and ask a few more questions. About 55 hours later, I picked up a voicemail from a man that said he was the manager of the location (The young woman said she was the only manager over then store.) and said he apologized for the problem and wanted me to call him and he would make it right. I called (ten minutes after the call came in) and asked for the manager by name. The person who answered (who was clearly the man who called) said that there was no male manager. I confronted him and said “Look, it was you. You just left me a message and I’m calling you back.” He was very nervous (like someone had a gun to his head) and denied that he was the manager and that he had called me. OK, we know service is not having a good decade, but this is really nutty. I can only imagine what is going on at that Kinko’s location. I have heard of bad customer service but I think we should send in the police. If you see a news break that says “Kinko’s manager held hostage by bitchy robot employees” remember you saw this blog first.

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3 Responses to Lots of Kinks with FedEx Kinko’s: Workbooks and Customer Service

  1. Insider says:

    You know I work there, it’s not a fun place it’s not a kinda place, they are pretty much horrible to you and it’s difficult if next to impossible to deal with the problems. Better to work for McDonalds instead.

  2. Former Assistant Manager says:

    I was disharged for reporting customer complaints, policy violations and unethial behavior that stretched up to former CEO, Ken May. I have alot of evidence to back up your claim and made it my mission to expose this behavior. The level of the problem goes very high up the corporate ladder!!

  3. LB says:

    I told you so….

    I know you don’t know me and this might sound crazy, but they were crazy to buy Kinko’s in the first place and because the Kinko’s management wasn’t so hot to begin with (a dyslexic started it) keeping their name in good hands, it was more important to sell for a profit and for FedEx it was more important to but something to boost their company name in a time when merger mania was “cool”

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