Dr. Phil is Not a lot of Help

I can’t do another post related to Brittney Spears. It’s just not who I want to be in the blogging world. I don’t want to criticize Oprah either, like Rosie O’Donnell did recently I discuss success or what stops us from it; that’s pretty much my focus. But I must say (briefly I hope) that Dr. Phil is an entertainer, not who you would seek to solve your problems. His expertise is in preparing people for court (he has a company in Dallas with a mach courtroom set up that coach’s people how to respond to attorneys, judges and jury’s). That’s how he met Oprah and became Dr. Phil.  He helped her when the beef people (sounds like a science fiction movie) were suing her for saying bad things about hamburgers. The bottom line is that when we start to mix show business with people who need real mental health expertise we become a culture of idiots (no offense to people with really low IQ’s). Oprah is a Journalist and experienced TV host; so as well meaning as she is, it does not equate to psychotherapy. It does not mean she is not helpful it just means a lot of people need more than Oprah to solve their problems.  Dr. Phil does actually have a degree in Psychology so he must know something, but his goal is to do a good TV show and get ratings that will allow him to stay on the air. And most metal health professionals strongly disagree with his advice. Some say he is a hypocrite (he talks to people about reducing calories while his head alone must way 100 pounds) but mostly he is doing what ever he can to get ratings, which in fact is what he is paid to do.  So, the success lesson is to lower our expectations of those on TV trying to give us advice. It may be helpful but you probably need to seek those who solve problems without an audience.


One Response to Dr. Phil is Not a lot of Help

  1. lalita says:

    appreciate you for having the guts to be brutally honest !

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