Travel Tips for Business Travelers

As a professional keynote speaker, I speak at conventions around the country about 100 times a year.

Here are a few travel tips I have picked up along the way.

Tired of sitting between two big sweaty guys on an airplane? Wish you had that extra centimeter of space for yourself? If you’re not in first class, go for the exit row. The exit row is intentionally wider, giving you more legroom. Since everyone has to be able to walk out the emergency door, that little necessity allows you more space. By purchasing tickets on-line or printing out your boarding pass early, you’ll have a greater opportunity to select these exit rows. Travel agents can’t book them so you can only get them by calling the airline directly, booking on-line or checking in on-line. Traveling is stressful and uncomfortable enough; don’t you deserve the best seat you can get?

With all the travel restrictions, delays and lost luggage, checking your bags can be a nightmare. If you can, always pack your belongings as carry-on and avoid the headaches. But getting the right bag is important. First, make sure your roller bag is 22″ in length (or less) so it will fit vertically into most overhead bins. You will have a better chance of having space for your luggage on a crowded flight, and odds are that you won’t be forced to gate check. I don’t know why luggage manufacturers even make 25″ bags, but they do. Also, put the bag in the overhead with the wheels facing out to give yourself a better shot at getting the bin closed. This also reduces the chances of damage to your bag from that guy who packed like a Sherpa. You know, the one with his entire life wedged into a 300-pound duffel bag—including skis, a tennis racket and his beloved acoustic guitar with the huge pot leaf sticker.

One Response to Travel Tips for Business Travelers

  1. LOL. Thanks for the information. I’ve never flown before, so I am nervous about an upcoming flight I have from the US to Wales. I will definitely make sure to book a seat next to the exit! 22-inch bag. That’s exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

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