Managers: Hiring Top Sales People

Successful managers know where to find good sales people.

Be careful of hiring sales people who dont have a job, most good sales people are employed. Most good sales people are headhunted out of an existing job.

You can hire a headhunter or just call the sales department of a company with good people. However, building great relationships with customers and asking them to keep an eye out for people who are discontent might be a good idea. (This should be a heads up to managers of top producers who are taking them for granted.) There are great sales people in corporations who would go with a small company for more opportunity, flexible schedules, a bigger piece of the pie, prestige or even an equity partnership. Corporations change their commission structure and give them fuzzy explanations. So, people are looking for something better. They want control of their destiny.

Do you have an enticing offer?

Sales Management Training
Sales Management Speaker Garrison Wynn

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