Your a “Big Mouth” – And I Like It!

To have influence make sure the influential people with the biggest mouths are on your side up front.

You have people in every organization who have the ear of the masses and can’t shut up (and they never will). Somehow, through sheer personality and guile, these people have some sway over the rest of the group.

Find these people!

Get them behind your idea by showing them how good they will look to others if they support your agenda. Let them become your “PA System” and work for you to spread the word. Having a lot of people believe in what you do before you actually do it, gives you a huge edge. It’s like discussing the details of a great buffet to a hungry audience 10 minutes before lunchtime. You pretty much had their attention before you started talking. Otherwise, the only change you will make will be changing your mind about the change.


2 Responses to Your a “Big Mouth” – And I Like It!

  1. Nikki Carter says:

    This is a great blog and has a ton of great ideas and this certain entry got me thinking of a freedom business franchise I recently came across. The big mouth in this case can be this frachise. It literally talks for you. Check this out, and it can be a great asset and the big mouth you could be looking for.

  2. it’s a great idea to be with someone who has a “big mouth” LOL
    through this, your agenda can be advertise free of charge and it can be easily spread to everyone… nice one!

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