Don’t Let Your Behavior Betray Your Skill

Recently I was asked to become a panelist for a new column in the Washington Post “On Success“.  The first question I had the opportunity to answer is:

Q: Are successful people blunt by nature? In recent weeks, retired NFL star John Riggins has been scathingly critical of his former team, the Washington Redskins. Is his take-no-prisoners rhetoric typical for achievers? Do the tactful accomplish more?

The most successful people we uncovered in our research were mostly negative/critical thinkers, which stands to reason: If you see a glass as half empty, you are much more likely to fill it up than if you see it half full. These top performers can be blunt by nature but know they must be tactful under certain conditions. A professional football player does not need the influence capabilities of a CEO to succeed. He needs innate ability, desire and a 20-inch neck! Also, many former pro football players are on pain medication that, when used long term, makes them cranky and liable to say things to the press they wish they could take back.  Motivational Speaker – Garrison Wynn

2 Responses to Don’t Let Your Behavior Betray Your Skill

  1. Brian says:

    How do I order your book “Real Truth about Success” as an audiobook. I cannot find it on thanks.

  2. Hi Brian,
    The book is not yet available as audio book but should be soon! I’ll post it when it is. Thanks for asking!

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