The REAL Truth about Change Management


Let’s get real! The main reason people don’t want to change is because no one wants to be a senior beginner.  If people believe their value or expertise will be undermined as they’re forced to adapt to the new way, resistance to change is the natural reaction.

Transition does not feel the same for everyone.
Some adapt well (but not as many as you’d think), some struggle but manage to adapt, and some lose the will to live! Several studies show that when an organization’s most talented people decide to leave, it’s during times of change. The people who are committed, naturally good at what they do, and driven compulsively to succeed have the most difficulty with change. It’s a lot easier to be totally flexible when you pretty much sucked anyway. My (melodramatic) point is that adaptability is a wonderful trait to have in an employee; it’s just not a trait you are likely to find in your superachievers.

If you hope to not alienate your superachievers (and your regular achievers) during times of change, you’ll need to make sure they feel valuable during and beyond the transition. That means the people in your organization have to be influential and not just knowledgeable about how change works. It means you’d better have their trust or be real good at rebuilding it quickly when a message like “We need to double our production with existing resources” hits the street. It means the change has to make sense to the people who can make or break your success, not just to your liquidly flexible, mediocre masses. And if you do not like what I’ve written and you are having a hard time adapting these concepts, congratulations – you’re a talented superachiever!

So what’s actually working?
Spend some time proving to your people how valuable they are during transition by making the change as easy as possible. Also, make sure the people with giant mouths in your organization who have the ear of masses know how the change will benefit them personally. You want to make sure those big mouths are flapping for you, not against you. And finally, quit using the phrase “We need to do more with less” as if it’s somehow motivational. It’s tough even for your diehard leaders to get behind that verbiage when in reality the goal of most humans is to actually do less with more! Instead, tell people the truth behind the change: “We are trying to be more profitable so we don’t have to cut your pay, which might cause you to scare off the customers!”

Alternative truth for the politically correct 
“We are trying to be more profitable so we can afford to keep doing what’s best for the customer and our employees.”

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What’s Goin’ Down With Garrison

Lately, my time’s been spread almost equally between delivering keynote speeches, contributing weekly to the Washington Post’s online column “On Success,” and meeting demand for my new book The Real Truth About Success. Already in its second printing, the book is now available in six languages and electronically in a Kindle version. Audio’s next! Plans are being made for distribution of the book in 20 countries! After many book signings and radio interviews, I’m glad to find out that success and truth are so universally in demand.

Thanks, everyone, for making The Real Truth About Success a success 

I’m grateful …
To my publisher, McGraw-Hill, for their hard work and guidance and making sure the book is available at all bookstores and online outlets. We are thrilled about it being a top seller – having a second printing so soon is great news!

To the global groups who are making things happen for us. Having the book released in multiple languages is great (it looks like about 14 so far) but I’m not sure how accurately my material will translate. How exactly does one say “psychotic BS” or “jellyfish managerial style” in Korean? My agent says not to worry. She’s great, by the way; special thanks to you, Wendy. Question: When the audio version is released, will people in other countries think it’s me speaking their language?

To Linda for making this book happen even with my crazy schedule. You are like family and a key factor in the success of the book and Wynn Solutions Team.

To Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstore personnel for coming to my speaking events and making the book available to attendees. (Special thanks to the woman in Nashville in August who worked by herself and did not panic when panic was an understandable option!)

For the great reviews we have received from readers, media, Facebook users, Twitterers, corporations, and associations. I really appreciate all of the good feedback! And thanks also to those who have posted positive reviews at to help sell books online.

To the radio show hosts who’ve actually read the book before the interview. I have radio experience and know that skimming 10 minutes before the broadcast is the norm.

And finally to the all the interviewees involved in the research (even those who hung up on me!) for the valuable information you provided. This book could not happen without your willingness – to tell the real truth about success.

7 Responses to The REAL Truth about Change Management

  1. Jocuri sport says:

    your describe post is very nice and statements are true and this topic is very helpful.

  2. I totally agree! If someone doesn’t want change because their profession might get affected, then better make their own business like what I did.

  3. alana says:

    Adaptability is a wonderful trait to be present in an employee. People change the profession in the changing times. The article is a real cool stuff and informative.

  4. Josh Nicho says:

    What a great post. Keep them coming man!

  5. Nice post! I m totaly agree with your statement.Normally people afraid of changes and people who adapt the changes with time are the winners.The post is very informative.Keep them coming.

  6. Eliza says:

    Nice post.. transition can be hard on a company and there are some help tips in here on making it easier. When our company hired some new managers we used this supervisor training course and it helped a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice post! I m totaly agree with your statement.Normally people afraid of changes and people who adapt the changes with time are the winners.The post is very informative.Keep them coming

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