Successful Team Building: Disagreement is the key to good judgment

It Takes All Kinds—What Kind Are You?

It’s a big mistake to wish that people were all born equal or to try to turn people into equals. I’m not talking about equal rights; I’m pointing out what a mistake it is to pretend that we are all the same. I often speak to managers who want to increase their department’s productivity. Many of them will say, “I’d like a perfect, well-rounded team that gets along well.” Why?! If you’ve got a bunch of people with the same disposition, the same thought processes, the same information, that’s not a team; that’s one person cloned several times over.

Here’s a better team:

  • The vision person: “I see it. I see everything. I see the future.”
  • The butt kisser: “I see whatever you see, and it looks fantastic.”
  • The negative thinker: “I see it, and I see every problem we’ll have along the way.”
  • The lazy one: “I see it, and here’s the easiest way to do it.”

This well-rounded team knows where it’s going, supports one another, anticipates and plans for the obstacles, and does so in a time-saving, resource-conserving manner. Team members might not love one another every day—and having butt-kissing guy and negative person carpooling could get weird—but it will work far better than a team of people who have the same thought processes and hold the same beliefs.

The true strength of a team is based on the fact that people play different positions. The strongest organizations have strong people with different talents coming together to tackle problems and create solutions. Disagreement is more than just a platform for a bad day; it is often the foundation of consensus. Disagreement comes from the people who see things differently. As insanely obvious as that sounds, it is the key to good judgment.

The idea that we all have to be a certain way or equally gifted or equipped is ridiculous. Certain jobs or roles require a dominant set of skills or attitudes balanced by almost a complete absence of another set. My lack of skill as an accountant allows me to ask questions I wouldn’t if I knew more. I am ignorant enough to know I need the counsel of those who specialize in accounting and confident enough to seek it out and then question anything I don’t understand. In the end, my organization’s finances are better.

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18 Responses to Successful Team Building: Disagreement is the key to good judgment

  1. Michael says:

    The butt kisser. LOL. Those are the kind that just do what everybody does. Thanks for the wonderful article.

  2. Viktoria says:

    You were absolutely right about team- types of people that should be there. I have never thought about it, but it seems to be true. So next time when I will look for partners I will follow your logic and check in real condition if it is true. I just know that in my family mother was negative thinker and father lazy one and they did well about the family)

  3. I think most people don’t get results or success from social media because like any other tool or power tool, it takes practice and experience to use it properly. Believe it or not, not everyone can swing a hammer.

  4. William Hill says:

    This pos is so true
    Every team has a negative thinker, unfortunately in my experience they have the biggest influence on the atmosphere of the team. I should know, I sit opposite one and he makes me not want to turn up!

  5. Joe says:

    As an ESL teacher living and working in Thailand, I’ve met a lot of these so-called “negative thinkers.” But I gotta agree with the guy who posted this, constructive critisism from the pessimists has only helped me evolve. I guess people grow most by meeting others who challenge their own views, and help them read their next level.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. VizFact says:

    lol, I have to laugh myself, You make a wonderful point. Me being a thinker, I have NEVER looked at team building in this fashion. What a wonderful example of the benefits of diversification amongst people.

  7. Yes, agree to a point.. but not everybody likes their roles and often get bitter, resentful and up set the productive apple cart

  8. sua cua cuon says:

    I think the media gives people more information

  9. I am still trying to work out which one I am!

  10. @ William Hill

    So true. I also work with a negative thinker, and he seems to drag down the energy of the whole group. Perhaps the group doesn’t need a “negative thinker” but rather someone who can positively dish out negative criticism – if that makes any sense at all 🙂

  11. A great article about the often overlooked elements of a successful team. We humans are incredibly good at judging those that are different than us, yet only by having a diverse team can we really achive our full poetntial. Thanks for sharing!

  12. frank says:

    I totally agree. I cannot see myself working with eight of me. the butt kissers should only be able to pick up the lunch lol. i disagree with the lazy one concept. i believe you should work smarter not harder. find the easiest or should i say the most efficient way to complete a task then execute. Maybe I’m the lazy one at my job.LOL

  13. vinusha says:

    Nice article. Me too agree with the points you mentioned here. With a good team work one can achieve success in work and even in life.

  14. itprosasia says:

    I totally agree with this article. We often meet employees who have different mindsets and while some may seem to perform better than others, I also believe that each type of individual should be able to contribute as long as they work towards achieving the same result.

  15. Kbcsi says:

    Nice post, I am pretty much pleased with your good work (points) 🙂

  16. ma says:

    very nice article. totally agreed with the social media point.

  17. Sanjib says:

    The article is too good i really like the article and also in favor of the article.
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  18. i love your blog 🙂 bookmarked***

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