Customer Service Facts

Did you know that most customers that don’t get good service, don’t complain and they don’t come back.
  • Only 4% of the customers that leave you will complain
  • 96% will go away without telling you they had a problem
Why customers quit doing business with you
  • 13% get a better price or can invest less time somewhere else
  • 14% dissatisfied with the level of service or quality of your product
  • 72% leave because they feel they receive poor service!
  • 1% Who knows
What do customers really want?
  • Reliability: You do what you say you will do
  • Credibility: Have others had a good experience?
  • Attractiveness: People draw conclusions based on what they see
  • Responsiveness: Reactions match expectations
  • Empathy: You share their emotions

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63 Responses to Customer Service Facts

  1. Interesting insight here, especially the contrast between the 13% leaving for a better price and the 72% leaving because of poor service. I would have thought the former statistic would be a bit higher. I guess the customer really is always right.

  2. Alison says:

    Oh how true. Even online stores need to get their customer service right – it’s not all about price thank goodness!

  3. I totally agree! I will never complain if I’m not satisfied, except maybe if I’m drunk… And I won’t come back !

  4. Phil says:

    Great and useful post. Thanks!

  5. Personally, when it comes down to waht customers want I believe that they want to feel respected and valued. They might not articulate in those terms but deep down in their lizard brain it’s there.


  6. Yup, and they even tell their friends how discontented they are with your service, giving you the total disadvantage.

  7. Jan says:

    This breakdown in percentages as to why people don’t do business with you any more is very interesting.

    I agree with you that most people will simply walk away and not come back rather than have an argument over something; particularly if it is an intangible problem like a salespersons perceived rudeness or uncaring attitude. I mean, its really hard to stand up and say “that person doesn’t care about my need” sort of makes them feel as if they are being very egoistical….

    That’s why I think everything and every one in business has to be accountable. Staff especially need to have guidelines and goals so they know precisely what it is they are expected to achieve.

  8. A lot of people think just because you have an online business customer service dosent matter… wrong!

  9. Karawang says:

    thanks for sharing.. i like reading this posting..

  10. Thanks, Garrison. As a consumer, I have almost a fetish about good customer service. Some places, I have walked out and never patronized them again. Others I seek out every time I need their service or product.

    In this Internet age, it’s a lot easier, though, to go online and read up what other consumers think first (Amazon comments, Epinions, and various travel forums, as examples).

    If only those in business realized that people DO network and share their experiences…good or bad!

  11. You see the problem here is that people think about stopping business with you in the first place! This is the one major thing that you really do need to avoid.

  12. karthibala says:

    We should first analyse wat other customer thinks and needs.

  13. Nice outline. I’ve been on the front lines of business-customer interactions for couple years now and I’ve seen way too much of poor service.

    I think a very good way to figure out what could be improved in once’s customer service is to meditate on one’s experience as a customer.

    What surprised you positively? What pisses you off when dealing with businesses as customer? Why you quit doing business with others? And so on…

    As Michel Gerber writes – every one can figure lots of things out just by changing one’s perspective. And good customer service isn’t a rocket science – but implementing it, making it a integral part of business is the challenge.

    I had the chance to serve in church – and that’s where I’ve learned to serve others in general. Years after, comparing my experience in church to business experience I don’t see much difference _in principles_ of service. Methods are infinite, but basic ideas can be applied practically everywhere.

  14. The thing now days is that businesses don’t think about the customer before themselves. Great information btw.

  15. These are all great facts and can actually help all of our businesses. I can see here that you can have more customers if you have a good customer service instead of a good product, thats crazy.

  16. Got to have a great customer service! Sometimes you don’t get a second chance at making things right!

  17. Richard LeDuc says:

    I met you in the Charlotte airport waiting for the 8PM flight to Boston, where you engaged me and did a fun little video interview. I wanted to say that my parents ran a small rural grocery in Illinois for 25 yrs. They were quite certain that customers who were unhappy would not complain, simply not come back, so your 4%/96% seem quite accurate to me. All the children worked in that store and we ALL had that attitude driven into our heads!

  18. Cool. Didn’t knowall of that. Thanx.

  19. Te says:

    Interesting facts. Thanks for sharing.

  20. vinusha says:

    I completely agree with you. A good customer service is what i give importance. As a customer I would like to be connected with one which provides a good quality and satisfying services.

  21. Onion says:

    Nice insight you have. I totally agree with you as a customer myself. This post deserve a rating of 5 stars. Great job, keep it up (:

  22. myyeslife says:

    You are doing a great conclusion on this topic. But I in fact disagree with some figure here. As said in your post, 96% customers will leave without telling that they got a problem. It seems different indeed. I donot think so few people will not complain with the problem.
    In fact, they first send emails and make phone calls to complain about the problem of bad service or low quality products, they would try to get compensation.

  23. haha dont even get me started with customer service. I agree what you said. Some customers are really so hard that you are better off without them. As you said 4% of entire customer leaving will complain. I would say concentrate on the 96% more.

  24. Before I complain I have already made up my mind that I will never go back. In order to make up for any problems, they have to notice that there’s a problem on their own and offer a solution without me saying anything. I know it’s not fair but that’s how it works.

  25. Виски says:

    Interesting insight here, but what are the sources? Who performed the investigations?

  26. Garrison, that’s really true, I know I found the service unsatisfactory, I will not go back for a second time.

  27. I like Clark Howard’s take on this “customer no service”. Customer service is the only way to make a business to succeed but very few people get that.

  28. Madison says:

    Very true about customers,it gives immense knowledge about their reaction towards us and helps us to prepare well to respond for their queries.Thanks for sharing this.

  29. Salil says:

    The problem here is that there are so many option available, so many different choices. Also due to an open market, people get access to information way quicker than earlier. Due to all this competition, people prefer to shift to other business rather than complain over things they did not like.

  30. Thanks fot sharing and i hope This infomation will help me in future.

  31. Arpit says:

    86% don’t leave complains :O .

    your post say service shud be good for better earning. thanks for the information and truly i found it interesting to read those few facts.

  32. All I can say to this article is “amen!” Some companies focus on the almighty dollar and forget that repeat business is the lifeline to any really successful company.

    I’m one of those people who walk away and go elsewhere. However, if the service is really bad, I’ll file a complaint with an external entity and go about my business.

    Great insight.

  33. Great Customer Service Statistics. I had no idea that the ratio was 96% to 4% when it comes to customers who leave without telling you why and those who do.

    So take the amount of service calls and multiply by 24 and you have a rough idea of your total problem size!

  34. Wow, that is an interesting point. Coming from a sales stand point I never realize the amount of poor service that people are getting. On the other hand you are right, if I do get poor service, I just leave and never come back.

  35. Outsource Call Center says:

    The ideas and insights are very worth reading. Thanks for sharing those facts.
    Outsource Call Center

  36. Gamebookers says:

    So interesting and useful info. Thanks for you work 🙂

  37. In my view there are approx 50% customers who don’t complain and they don’t come back because they think it is time waisting now so they charge their store.

  38. DropShip says:

    I totally agree! I will never complain if I’m not satisfied, except maybe if I’m drunk… And I won’t come back !

  39. Loller says:

    I agree what you said ! i don’t understand people that complain!

  40. So true, I worked for a company that thought complaints were the measurable customer satisfaction variable. They just didn’t appreciate that some people don’t need to shout about things and just won’t come back. New business is important, but customer retention gives you longevity

  41. If you have a best customer service you can out rank your competitors who have better service than you.

  42. Y8 says:

    Great post. Thank you

  43. PB Scott says:

    I agree, some customers are so much effort and work they no longer become worthwhile. Thankfully I can say of my many thousands of customers in the last year there was only one that I found completely impossible to please.

  44. I absolutely agree with you! i won’t complain when i am not satisfied with the performance.

  45. There is really no other remedy to a better customer service than what you have stated above but for me the most effective thing based on you post will be doing what you say you will do or even better cause there is really no other way to know than to ask them directly but most customers will not really coplain even if they had bad service so the thing is to not give them anything to complain at all.

  46. I totally agree with these stats. I never complain unless i am not satisfied with something.

  47. Super Games says:

    Totally true, but some shocking numbers around.

  48. Great post. I completely agree. Thanks!

  49. Ella says:

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  50. That is so true. If a certain establishment has bad customer service, I just leave and don’t complain but I’ll never go back to that establishment.

  51. Very good points. And ones I think of often – especially when I run into problems. As a busy member of the Sandwich Generation, I rarely have time to do anything about it but, like your list shows, I CAN shop or do business elsewhere where the customer service is more helpful!

  52. Great Insight to what customers want. The hardest thing to do is become a great listener and deliver what they want and take care of your customers forever.

  53. As what the saying goes “Customer is always right”, is that right???

  54. This is very clear thanks for sharing this will help a lot, thanks a lot.

  55. Interesting facts! In my business I allways let the customer know and feel that they can rely on us to keep our end of the agreement and MORE so.

  56. These are great statistics.
    And I agree: when things are bad, I rarely complain, though I never come back

  57. Definitely agree with the first point that most dissatisfied customers won’t actually complain and just won’t come back.

    I think this is especially true here in the UK when we’re quite reserved about things such as complaining and “causing a scene”.

    It’s definitely something to be mindful of.

  58. Luke Lombard says:

    This is a good blog for customer service, this customer service is applied on every business but web hosting business also need this customer service concepts.

  59. Norma says:

    Complaining is such a waste of time and most of the time even the supervisors are rude. I leave and never come back.

  60. Some very interesting ideas and statistics, thanks for sharing this.

  61. juegos says:

    Thats a great statistics which shows what customer did to archive their goal. people think complaining is a waste of time.

  62. IITJEE 2012 says:

    very informative and valuable information…

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