Leadership Success: Five BIG LEADERSHIP MISTAKES you may never see coming

The key to leadership is influence and the key to influence is making sure your people feel valuable.

  1. The seduction of power: Being the boss can cause some people to believe they are superior beings.  If you feel like you kind of own your people and they are lucky to be working for you, you have a problem. You may be power crazy if you refer to yourself in the 3rd person, you interrupt your employees in the middle of important business tasks to get them to do personal favors for you or people tend to bow and clasp their hands when they ask you questions.
  2. Causing people to stop using common sense: People who are demanding cause their people to get distracted away from their priorities. Common sense is not always that common! You need to make sure you are not distracting your people away from thinking and you get people to think by asking good questions.
  3. Indulging in favoritism: Do you have employees that you like more than others?   Do you think the other employees know that? This is a big deal because it can cause a good employee to lower their productivity.  If some employees feel less valuable than others they will stop giving their best effort.
  4. Overreactions that create liars: You may act in a way that makes your people not want to tell you things (you end up the least informed person in the office). There is enough dishonesty in the world without us creating it in the people around us. Some of us have more control over our reactions that others. Overreactions are an acute awareness. If you have quick reflexes, you tend to be over reactive (a good pilot or Astronaut is the exception but they are hard to find). The key is to be accepting and tolerant or tell people you may overreact but you recover quickly.
  5. Believing that it’s not what you say, it’s what you do:
    Your strategic thinking won’t help you enough.
    What comes out of your mouth creates the culture around you. It’s not what you do, it’s what you say in reality.

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65 Responses to Leadership Success: Five BIG LEADERSHIP MISTAKES you may never see coming

  1. We have all worked for a boss who just either wasn’t cut out to be a boss or just wasn’t trained right. Maybe a little of each! Seriously though, I think the main thing is not, as you said, thinking you are superior or “better” than you’re employees. We already know who the boss is, no need to rub it in our faces!

  2. Good tips and a great blog you have here. thanks for the post

  3. Doug Taylor says:

    These are great points. However, in our company, the President and CEO is a leader in the overall company as seen from the eyes of other top managers and senior leaders. However, his influence has been negative for all the employees that work under him. He and the management team have been able to portray an environment of “You don’t tell us anything, unless it’s what I want to hear”. We had 1 great employee who does a fabulous job for the company, tell management what they didn’t want to hear one time and he almost got fired.
    So, I just wanted to paint a picture that leadership influence can sometimes work the other way in not such a shining way. But I really enjoyed your article and it is very true! Thanks!

  4. claudyobcn says:

    so what you want to say is that if we treat all igual it may lower their work. I was thinking that if you say to a good worker that is doing ok it will motivate other worrkers to do the same so they could receive the same treatment. Thanks for the tip I will try to use

  5. Jasmine says:

    So complicated to learning leadership.
    But it is first to be success.
    Thanks for knowing me.

  6. Yan Pitesta says:

    Nice posting, Brother.
    It enlarges my knowledge.
    It’s proven as important subject.
    Thank you.

  7. Really great and useful information thanks for sharing

  8. القمر says:

    I think people can around their boss until they get caught.

  9. I agree with you on that, feeling valuable and being influence makes a great leader.
    Great blog

  10. Average Joes says:

    Some good advice, but remember all of these tips will depend on the business, type of business (not just industry but also minded).

    Remember, we should lead by example…

  11. emakpaini says:

    happy to be the first to comment on the article that was great

  12. Daniel says:

    Seduction of Power is something i have been through. I was so into it that i forgot my friends and family for the same. I am glad that people like you have come forward to improve the mindsets. I would appreciate if you can share you email-id, so that i can ask you some personal questions and your help will be really appreciated.

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  13. These are five very good points. As a leader, I think poor communication is another big one on the mistake list. For some reason, some leaders think they are bigger than their team. They are piss poor communicators who do dumb things like not show up for meetings with staff or make decisions and NEVER communicate them to those most effected.

    Another big mistake is not acknowledging people when you walk by. There is nothing wrong with a simple “hello.” Employees notice it all. Any leader who doesn’t know this or who doesn’t care, has problems.

    Taking time to listen to employees and being open to feedback are two marvelous traits that can really help a leader excel.

  14. Martin says:

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  16. Jernej says:

    At first glance I thought you were kind of stating the obvious, but after reading through the article I think you actually make quite a few good points. I know a few employers that act precisely the way described in more than one point. Seems crazy but it’s true.

  17. these are the best tips I have come across so far regarding the leadership qualities. Bosses these days act as if they are demi-gods and nothing can possibly go wrong or they can never commit a mistake. I highly appreciate your view that employees are valuable people for a company and they should be respected in that way. I hope my boss reads this some day.

  18. I really believe that that’s all true, that what you say shapes your culture and all. very well said.

    Your truth about success site is very well written and put together, thank you for sharing this with me.

  19. wow, thanks for sharing this information. Very helpful

  20. Yevgeniy says:

    It’s good that you pointed out “these” bugs of bosses. I hope that such publications give them a fresh view of things what’s going on around. Regularly bosses don’t want to hear their employees.

  21. Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. That takes all of the good characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure.

  22. Jim Hub says:

    I agree with you. I am in HR and things do get pretty tough when it comes to handling people. with great leadership skills, people tend to appreciate their bosses and they perform well at work, while subordinates of bosses with poor leadership skills will tend to perform their jobs without any enthusiasm. Thanks for pointing out some factors.

  23. Jon says:

    Great List! I like what you said – “There is enough dishonesty in the world without us creating it in the people around us. Some of us have more control over our reactions that others.”

  24. MizBoat says:

    In regards to your point on overreactions, I think the old saying of counting to 10 before doing or saying anything is always important, so I agree, take time to think, let emails sit in the draft box for a while and cough if you need a second before you reply

  25. Ret says:

    Great article and key list. Yes I agree, favoritism really is hard to avoid sometime. Especially when your heart is falling to someone else in the organization.

  26. fund raising says:

    having an interest…make a great upper class leader/fund manager and I would be great one…have a great career as an analyst for company.

  27. really, common sense is not all that common…this is true…

  28. Hi, you were talking about favoritism… do you believe that you should treat every employee the same? my experience is that if you give non-performers the same amount of time, energy and attention as the high-performers, the high-performers feel like why bother achieving.

    great blog by the way 🙂

  29. PB Scott says:

    This is an excellent post, for some reason or another I keep moving into the boss position and often feel bad about the way I handled one worker or another.

    I will have to keep some of these things in mind.

  30. I read an article recently on a science blog that said that groups of people naturally look toward people who contribute more and talk more than what is average for the group.

    With this in mind I would think that adopting a bold approach when presenting your ideas along with giving a lot of details concerning your plans would enhance your chances of being an effective leader and helping to get people to go along with your ideas.

    I happen to be a natural at this and seem to do well with the idea.

  31. This is so true! i have seen so many nice people turn in monsters when they think they are in a position of leadership. A manager title is just that, every person in the business is important the title just depict the role they are in so everyone knows who is responsible for what. I own a business and never think I am better than my employees, without them i am nothing.

  32. I really like what you said here about overreactiions: “Overreactions are an acute awareness.” I have never thought of it this way before, but it’s true. Interesting insight.

  33. hp toners says:

    Simple acknowledgment of a job well done is one simple way of valuing subordinates. One area where most managers(or leaders) are lacking.

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  36. Well, I do appreciate your post and everyone should read this really. I agree with your 5 big leadership mistakes and most of the time it really happen. If you really wanna be a good leader then you should also be a good follower and vice versa. You cannot be a leader if you don’t know how to at least listen to those people under you. I think balance is important and we should practice it so we won’t be a failure.

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  37. The key to leadership is responsibility for others. People don’t just follow others because of seduction, but because it benefits them. If you can shift responsibility onto others by letting them lead, you may consider doing so. If you are just going to be bossed around, you will not.

  38. Toshiro says:

    Starting a company and running a company is a difficult task and mistakes are just made along the path. Nicely put leaders can learn in the corporate and avoid it just by observing themselves

  39. my opinion says:

    i agree with this..
    the leader must knows what people want..
    keep spirit..

  40. Date Free says:

    Great read. I didn’t know that Overreactions are an acute awareness. I will have to think about what I am doing in my personal life.

  41. Jason says:

    Hey Garrison,

    Thanks for the post! I have a big virtual staff team of people and find this to be the hardest part of the job. Giving them more money only helps to a point! So thanks for the ideas.


  42. beenc says:

    Very good post, and really helps me to understand the key to leadership!

  43. Good point about bosses having favorites in the company. First time i see someone talking about it openly. Everybody just saying you have to do your best. But sometimes it is just not good enough. And it is very important for leading professionals to consider it and possible issues it can cause.

  44. LatestW says:

    This is so true
    Especially “overreactions that create liars”
    Really sound advice

  45. This is an outstanding article. I was inspired to not give up on my new company: http://www.billboardfamily.com because of this. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  46. tarryn says:

    We have all been there before – great read! Brings back a few memories…

  47. yes very informative and inspiring post indeed,
    thanx for this,

  48. rogabob says:

    Nice posting, Brother.
    It enlarges my knowledge.
    It’s proven as important subject.
    Thank you.

  49. chad says:

    Really great stuff always.. thanks for great ideas…

  50. Thomas says:

    This is a statement, which you will find very rare here in Germany. As en employee, you have to work and nobody is interested in your opinion about your work and even nobody tells you, if youre doing good work. i would even say, it isnt even of any interest, if youre doing your work good, beying paid a tip, it doesnt matter, if there is some work not done or done bad, the main part is dane and the mistakes, who cares… Made in Germany is no longer a quality garant, with manager and who lack the simplest social competences, just looking for their next bonus to get, not interested in the firm at all…
    So, 90 % of the german managers should read your phrases about leadership and learn, but with that theres no fast money to earn, so no interest…

  51. Tom says:

    Great Blog, Being a boss is really tough, this article makes me think about how anyone could be a bit better of a leader.

  52. being a leader is very hard. Everything you do is being watched. Every decision you make is being judged. You must be very patient to handle it.

  53. Atot says:

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  54. manny says:

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  55. teleco4 says:

    Do you really know people that refer to themselves in the 3rd person outside of a Seinfeld episode?


  56. Favouritism is one big and the most common problem associated when one talks about the leadership.


  57. A boss shouldn’t be seen as bossy. I think thats the trick. People working for him should want to help him without him demanding it. This can happen only if he’s seen to be genuinely concerned for their welfare and also if he treats everyone at par.

    Great post !!

  58. after i read point number 5
    Believing that it’s not what you say, it’s what you do
    now i know i must be change to be better
    thank you for this articles, its good advise for me

  59. I agree with you on that, feeling valuable and being influence makes a great leader.
    Great blog

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  62. This 5 things are really needed for a leader to be on the top i n any organization ,A leader should be knowing all this 5 tips to guide his team, Thanks for sharing the information

  63. being a leader is very difficult. Im running an institution and your post is very enlarge my knowledge about leadership. Thanks..

  64. Just Naira says:

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