Does social networking create antisocial behavior?

Remember when social networking meant you went to local networking meetings to connect with supposed rainmakers who could refer business to you? You would eat some rather tough chicken and be exposed to a den of losers whose homemade business cards left you wondering why you showed up in the first place. I once met a psychic attorney at one of these functions who said he knew when someone was going to be sued in the future. I got a little nervous when he kept insisting that I hold onto his card.

In the old sense, social networking to strike up some winning business prospects entailed spending time with a few losing prospects. Times have changed. I’m not saying there are fewer losing prospects out there… but nowadays we have the ability kind of “speed-date” our way past them to concentrate on the keepers.

That’s because these days, the term networking most often refers to online connecting, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other electronic interfaces. Everyone is doing it – some companies to great effect, and some students to great detriment. (Is it really worth flunking out of school because you’re up until 5 a.m. responding to the 800 friends you have worldwide?)

Social Media: Productive or Destructive?

Without a doubt, social networking can strengthen your career and expand your possibilities. It’s a cheap, powerful way to connect. It generates relationships and situations you can capitalize on with face-to-face networking. You create connections with influencers and experts that would take years to achieve in person. Social networking builds brand awareness, enhances your company’s image, prevents reputation problems, increases customer loyalty, reveals new markets and business opportunities, and keeps your key employees on the cutting edge of innovation.

With the power and potential of social networking, will we soon forget how to deal with humans face to face? Will we lose our ability to interact? I have seen some young hotel clerks who have clearly lost contact with the “hospitality” part of the hospitality business.

Taken to an extreme, the pervasiveness of social media networking among younger generations in particular leads some people to speculate that someday we might all be loner robots living in isolation and glued to our devices. Already, socializing electronically for middle school students means you can hook up, break up and develop teen angst with people you’ve never met! You’ve got to wonder what that looks like in the future. Will people be married through Facebook? Do you promise to stay together until … what? Some big server goes down?

Is it possible for social networking to cause antisocial behavior? I don’t mean that spending a lot of time on Facebook will make you a serial killer (although you might connect with people you could easily imagine strangling). It’s just that if you spend your Friday nights with online friends, isn’t that an indication that you don’t actually have any real friends?

Making Social Media Networking Work

The truth is that social networking actually creates great trust among people and brings them together, while also helping us to avoid getting together with people we should definitely deal with from a distance. Think about it: With certain coworkers, you know you’d function as a better team if you could just get information from them and not have to deal with their psychotic personalities. (A person can be only so annoying in text.)

The key is knowing how to use social networking to your own benefit or the benefit of your employer (not just for sending photos of yourself drunk to people you don’t know that well and twittering that you’re heading to the bathroom). Social networking is not just the future; it’s a good future if you do it effectively.

As you strive to manage all the information that this complex modern life requires you to deal with each day, consider whether you’re spending time with the right people. Think of that loser buddy from high school who just contacted you on Facebook – the one who still drives the same car from senior year… What’s he doing for you? On the flip side, consider what other people get from reconnecting with you. If you’re hanging out with people more successful than you, that might make you the loser buddy. But surely it’s better to be a loser pulled up by winners than to be a moderate success who gets dragged down by loser buddies.

Social networking allows you to explore – even exploit – those dynamics. You get to learn from those who are successful and not waste your time with people who have nothing to offer. Be advised, though, there are weirdoes out there. Quite a few people I knew in the ’80s have resurfaced to say hello and only one of them turned out to be a stalker.

Natural progression

Concern that the latest networking technology will jeopardize face-to-face connections is nothing new. In the late 1800s, people thought the telephone would destroy relationships when it actually ended up building them!

Social networking is yet another development in a steady progression toward better, clearer, faster communication and more fulfilling relationships. While early man once settled for one-on-one meetings and some cave art that seemed a bit vague, through the ages we have embraced written language, the postal service, the telegraph and the telephone to establish, expand and strengthen relationships. In our quest to strike up and cement relationships faster, aren’t social networking vehicles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn the logical next step?

164 Responses to Does social networking create antisocial behavior?

  1. Chocolate says:

    Excellent point of viw, I do agree with you completely. People need to understand it & definitely make positive use for mutual benefit of all.

  2. Marco says:

    The whole landscape of interacting with each other will change the coming years. If this a good or a bad thing I don’t know. As an entrepreneur I notice that I am now seeing more people at the same time than 15 years ago. That probably says someting about the depth of the interactions.


  3. I think only time will tell, but I do things like facebook destroy study/work habits. Now, the majority of students are always on facebook instead of listening.

  4. qontent says:

    surely it is good media for promotion. but some people complains how they get their facebook wall dirt by unnecessary post like promotion. off course it wouldn’t affect good to our reputation right ? so how we suppose to trick this ?

  5. John Nielsen says:

    I believe that social medias really change our working and conzentration habits alot, in a way that email and instant messaging has also done. It is all about how much communication and information one person can cope with, since it seems that for each decade we have to compute even more information and communication than the decade before. At one point it will be enough for most people, or will we adapt?

  6. I believe that people tends to abuse stuff and the social network like Facebook is one of them. This is why a lot of online marketers thanks this addiction for this is where they earn. People are like this and proper management as you have mentioned is the solution for this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a good one

  8. There are lots of people out there who are ‘addicted’ to sites like Facebook. If some are not careful, they can spend all of their lives on social networking sites, and that can destroy real work and social relationships, as well as damage productivity.

  9. I think that social networking sites are bringing some good changes to our societies. But as they say “when you water the flowers you also water the weeds”. By which I mean it also brings a negative side. Spending too much time in front of the computor and living life online is also bringing a negative side to people social behaviour.

  10. it can be destructive or productive. Depends on how you use it.

  11. Dave Berry says:

    Many find that time is wasted at work with everyone sitting on facebook and social sites. Mostly management mind you, and many companies block these sites from their employees. So I guess it depends on which side of the fence you sit with this debate. I think it is good. I use it a lot for keeping my customers and followers up to date with my business.
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  12. There are both sides to the fence on the subject of social media. One one side, it is a viable marketing opportunity where you can reach out to millions of people within just a minute. On the other side, if people are distracted and use up all of their time on social networking sites, it can destroy them.

    All in all, I think if used properly, social networking sites are very important and beneficial.


  13. Social Networking as I’ve been using as marketing strategy for our Wholesale Clothing have been very effective and made a big difference with regards to sales. And if you are into search engine optimization, your visibility to social networks makes your business rank higher on most of the major search engine out there including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Every SEO experts know that high page ranking on those search engines would consequently mean more sales.

  14. Rijas says:

    really informative posting

  15. Andy says:

    Anything that helps start new relationships and build contacts can only be good in life and in buisness. I have to admit i do find myself hiding behind a computer screen from time to time and facebook only helps this. When i give my self a kick up the backside a face to face meeting always takes that relationship to the next level.

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  16. hp toners says:

    Social media in a larger scale makes people social. I guesses having a Facebook account is a step into the right direction for shy adolescent folks. A good start to being social in person.

  17. It is true that social networking is an effective communication tool but ultimately to establish good contacts through these sites requires a face to face talk. Nothing can replace human contact, and success through facebook, linkedin and others requires you to get out and meet the person, or your fans, depending on whether you represent yourself or a company online.

  18. The title of your post is quite catchy. I just read your post because you post title forced me to read it. I agree with 80% of your post but i still think that we can use social media for social purposes with good manner in a positive way. By the way nice work. keep it up.

  19. I think that we entered at the time that children spend more time at the computers than it will to play outdoors, so in fact all these groups and sites actually just create asocial personality.

  20. Social networking can be incredibly powerful for good when you get a million people together following one good cause.

    However, I think that more and more people are becoming more uncomfortable in social arenas. It’s like a very slow progress towards the matrix where we’re all hooked up to one place.

  21. Gringoperry says:

    I came to social networking pretty late in the game; and even now, I primarily use these sites to promote my articles and websites. I liked your satirical approach to the subject.

  22. I definitely agree that Social Networking can strengthen career and extend possibilities since many entrepreneurs nowadays that used SN in promoting their business have achieved success. And Social networking is definitely the most inexpensive means of finding potential clients or customers.

  23. Geo says:

    The downside of social networks is the inability to vent our feelings, both positive and negative. Facebook especially makes expression very dangerous, for example in a work environment. So there is a new language and etiquette being created naturally because of social networks.

  24. Investments says:

    All those facebooks and other virtual face lists are real threat for man kind psychological development. And I think they are bad investment in people future. At least until virtual procreation is not possible…

  25. Marc says:

    the whole “magic bullet” paradigm in network marketing is over. No more sales marketing, only social marketing that sales.

  26. Vince says:

    I think that its harboring a new generation of youngsters who don’t know to communicate freely in person, while at the same time it makes it extremely fast and easy to see whats going on. You can log into your facebook or twitter and immediately see if one of your favorite performers are in town, or if there is a social gathering going on somewhere.

  27. I think that it has created distraction above anything else. Nobody has an attention span anymore and can’t retain what they hear.

  28. i didn’t agree if social network create antisocial behavior, because in social network you can meet an old friend an than make an event. thats right? and with social networking too many people can get money

  29. People have more courage on the internet..

  30. The hardes thing for us babyboomer generation to understand is how everyone communicates to day. This is a must if you want to go find fish in the pond.

  31. Whether you like it or not – I am in touch with WAY MORE people now through Social Media than I was without. There is an element of “anti social behaviour” behind it but you cannot deny the impact that it has had on our day-to-day lives…

  32. Social Media is like a platform where we promote our product or Brand and also increase visibility on the web. Also, it helps to drive traffic on your site or grow your business but unethical Social Media Activities could be harmful for your Product Brand or business and If Google consider this activity than you may banned by Google.

  33. Intérprete says:

    I interpreted Philip Kotler last week and he had many interesting things to say about social media, the most striking one however is that a handful of disgruntled customer have the power of bringing down a brand in a minute. The “lyinching mob” spirit is alive and well in a lot of our social media.

  34. Consulting says:

    Actually it has made me more social. I am a very shy person and I don’t like to mingle much, Facebook has helped me be more social because I don’t feel shy when messaging relatives and friends

  35. In my own opinion I would have to say that maybe some kids and people might be affected by social networking and only want to communicate through the web. But in the other hand some people get to be more social because they find more people to talk to and everyone these days is communicating through the web.

  36. David says:

    It’s always changing and now Facebook do e-mail, the opportunities will get bigger and bigger.

  37. gshanma says:

    Whenever science develops it throws up new inventions and discoveries, which intially will face some hiccups, like the ones mentioned in the article, telephone, telegraph etc. But as days pass by people get adapted to the technology and mostly use it for the good.

  38. Antros says:

    Since Facebook I am in contact with my friends again. So for me its a back to social. Ring a phone is harder than to post a update to my friends for me.

  39. Every thing got his postive side as well as negative side. Social network is really a big media of promotion but also posses some negative aspects. So my friends its up to you what you want from that

  40. Amudhan says:

    I agree with the author. Social networking is like a double edged sword, if you are prudent and diligent in using it, it will bring positive results. If you are careless and wreckless it will bring negative benefits.

  41. James Smith says:

    There is definitely lots of time wasted at work by employees who spend far too long on Facebook and other social netwroking sites.

  42. manny says:

    In some points you are right, but for me it depends on the person who is using the networking sites. Because I believe Social Networking can change your attitude and philosophy in life but you should know how to use it in positive ways and not to abuse it. Someone has said “We should know How to play the game” because we cannot escape that fact that Social Networking is a trend in our modern world.

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  43. I think that this generation is addicted to social network in stead of making friends in the real world.

  44. Hat says:

    Yes I’d say it was antisocial on the whole, even though it has it’s uses in the business/marketing area.
    An area were I think it could be much more damaging is in a home/family enviroment, when hours spent “social networking” with online “friends” comes at the expense of being antisocial to and neglecting family/kids/partner.

  45. Rake says:

    surely it is good media for promotion. but some people complains how they get their facebook wall dirt by unnecessary post like promotion. off course it wouldn’t affect good to our reputation right ? so how we suppose to trick this ?

  46. I also think that the social media is less social than it seems. When you’re in a room full of people everybody is staying in touch socially with their iphone.

    Additionally, working on a new website (Steigerhout Furniture) which makes me a lot less social 🙂

  47. Balance has to be maintained, there are a lot of things going online but that does not have to mean that you should also include the rest of your life in the list. Thanks for the post, it was really insightful and I really agree with it.

  48. Amudhan says:

    The power of Social networdking is tremendous and it has its own demerits. It is actually like a double edged sword. If one uses it in a careful and prudential m anner it is okay. But if one gets addicted to it and start to use in a careless and wreckless manner it will certainly land the user in soup

  49. In fact, social networking indeed has been an equally destructive as well. You will very commonaly find now a days people are wasting hours and hours of their official time on these sites which I dont think is really getting into any productive results.


  50. hmm 😉 I must appreciate you for the post you have shared. . I really like it. . thank you for sharing 🙂

  51. some times social media usefull for me.. and sometimes social media also make me contra productive on my office wore…yeah that’s depend on what we do with social media 🙂

  52. Personally, speaking as someone who hasn’t been very good at keeping up with people I’ve found facebook brilliant. Just being able to comment or like a friends (people you meet on courses etc.) means you can easily stay in touch and reignite friendships so much more easily. Love it.


  53. STech says:

    I think that we entered at the time that children spend more time at the computers than it will to play outdoors, so in fact all these groups and sites actually just create asocial personality.

  54. Cindy says:

    The point is not about social networking, it’s all about us and the way we treat the others. The growing of technology allows people with long distances have the connections, not seperate people and leave them lonesome.
    I’ve tried not to log in to my facebook account last weekend. I use those extra times to write letters and visit my friends. It makes my life become more meaningful and lovely. That’s quite nice.

  55. QMS says:

    Social media has definetly become a speed dating type of networking. I hated those big chicken dinner networking events where everyone was in the same industry. Here at least you get salad bread and dessert

  56. Most of the children now a days spent time more in computers, do facebook,Social neworking is a perfect way of building your connection.

  57. I think that it all depends on how some person is raised.

    Social sites can be fun for an extroverted people, and can be something that makes introverted people even more introverted if they live their lives on a social media site. But neither of them is a rule of thumb

  58. It is all about how much communication and information one person can cope with, since it seems that for each decade we have to compute even more information and communication than the decade before. At one point it will be enough for most people, or will we adapt?

  59. emma says:

    it can be destructive or productive. Depends on how you use it.

  60. ramya says:

    in moderation at right times would be good but otherwise it can also become a waste of energy. sometimes we forget that time can be spent in doing something more worth

  61. Wideband says:

    It really depends on how you use it. I have friends who are checking there facebook updates every 5 minutes and swear they are addicted to it. You can’t have a conversation with them without them constantly checking their phone which is antisocial behavior and I know there are thousands of others out there that are the same way

  62. Social networking is a good way to connect with old friends or friends who are in other countries. It greatly helps in bonding with your friend even if they are far away.

  63. surely I think it could be much more damaging is in a home/family enviroment, when hours spent “social networking” with online “friends” comes at the expense of being antisocial to and neglecting family/kids/partner.

  64. Matt says:

    I have to say social media is more destructive and constructive. too many of our kids, potential scientists, doctors are spending ours online on facebook, twitter, myspace wasting their brain away.

  65. Very good aspect, and very nice point of view, this is a great help i really love your site this will help me a lot, hoping for more latest updates sooner thanks in advance.

  66. FaceBizPro says:

    I believer social networking overall has benefited us because personally the viral functions allow my to save a ton of time when it comes to sending out updates or sharing pics/videos. Sure it would be nice to personally meet or even call each of my friends or clients, but the amount of time it would take would be enormous. By the time I actually did track everyone down for an appointment or catch them on the phone, the info I have may already be outdated or some new info may have come along which would mean repeating the long process of contacting everyone. For that fact alone, social networking has been a savior in a lot of people’s lives.
    Just like other advancements in my life time like PCs, cellphones, email, instant messaging, and now social networking. These are all technologies that once put into mass use that most of us can’t even imagine life without.

  67. christiaan says:

    Although the social services of the sites are connecting people all over the world but the people are getting addicted of the network. I like this post very much. Thank you for having such a nice contribution.

  68. “I think that we entered at the time that children spend more time at the computers than it will to play outdoors, so in fact all these groups and sites actually just create asocial personality.”

    Yeah, actually, I find that I seem to have 4-5 different identities when I started blogging about my life.. in the end I scraped the idea. Let’s say you have 3-4 different cliques, some online, some offline… you would actually find that you behave a little differently in each clique….. I dont think thats a result of things like facebook though, thats just the way it is…. changing ourselves to suit the environment…

  69. No not at all it creates a better society… when you are on the social network you can converse with anyone without hesitation, it your second life. When in public you might lose the fear.

  70. I just read the article on Time magazine person of the year which was Mark Zuckerberg. It states that what makes Facebook (the leader in social networking) so successful is that fact that it allows people to take their real life to the internet and share it. In this sense I think that makes social networking help people become more social in real life.

  71. I just read Time’s article on person of the year which was awarded to Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook. In the article they state that a reason Facebook is so successful is that it allows users to intertwine their personal life with the internet.

  72. Toxa says:

    children spend more time at the computers than it will to play outdoors so pity

  73. I believe Social media is much more positive as if we take it keeping business in mind, it helps a business to grow drastically.

  74. Bookmarked*** thanks for sharing

  75. Nicely Written , Acc. to me Social Networking is good till people connects and does networking with it, the moment people start utilizing others property in their own interest become bad..

  76. I think the root problem with social networking now is that it’s easy and readily available. It has the potential to be a powerful tool, but like any powerful tool there is a strong likelyhood of misuse, failure, etc etc etc. The trick to using online networking is not USING it, but using it WELL. It seems like it becomes harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

  77. I use it for business and it can be great but for my 13 year old daughter it has been a bad influence.

  78. Psychics says:

    I think the social media can be very hellpufull for an online store, but depends on the time speent on such site

  79. I think that it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. However, I am amazed with the amount of people that I come in connect with who can only hold conversations through text or through some social networking site.

    Good Post!

  80. EuroBasket says:

    Its true, we are getting addicted to social networking.
    And I think that social media can be destructive or productive. It all depends on how you look at it and use it.

  81. in my experience, social networking is very helpful. we can have fun, of course, by having connection with our friends, finding new friends. and promote our business.

  82. nDul says:

    I think YES, social networking create antisocial behavior because users tend prefer to interact with their friends in cyberspace..

  83. Anonymous says:

    They are good at times but at the same time they have many disadvantages. I personally feel we lost all our privacy though they are good.

  84. Social networking overall is bringing benefits. For businesses, social media affords them to reach more of their consumers. For consumers, they now have a power to use for better products/service. For socializing, the social networks has clearly revolutionized the way we interact within our close circles and the whole world in general. The abuses is certainly a concern though.

  85. Ashton says:

    This one is really good….

  86. Alex Work says:

    Social Media is continuing the pattern started by cell phones of less and less human contact. With Facebook, Twitter and the like we are only learning what we are told by our friends. This is hardly knowing someone at all, besides the superficial, touched-up version they present.

  87. Social networking is a great way to keep in touch of your friends and families who live far away. As long as you can communicate with your cyber friends online and in real life then social networking should prove to be a useful form communication.

  88. I think social networking, particularly Facebook, has been great at bringing people together. The rush of our society today has actually hurt relationship building and preservation. Facebook has allowed us to connect with people we might otherwise have lost contact with forever. Most people don’t plan on losing track of friends and acquaintances; life just gets in the way. That’s changing now. Thanks for the post.

  89. It is true that social networking is an effective communication tool but ultimately to establish good contacts through these sites requires a face to face talk. Nothing can replace human contact, and success through facebook, linkedin and others requires you to get out and meet the person, or your fans, depending on whether you represent yourself or a company online.

  90. rejse billig says:

    It does to some extend but it also helps out with being social in other eays, with Facebook you are all of a sudden talking with people you havent seen for years, and in many cases Faceboom and the other social medias are used to arange social gatherings.

  91. I do think social networking makes people antisocial in a sense. Less active as well! Its funny, with all these android phones on the market, I seem to have less conversations in person and many more over twitter, facebook, text message, etc..

    Yet, I will say social networking has allowed me to find more clients to help train so they can Shed Fat and look good year round!

  92. Ocho says:

    Social meda can be very helpful for a standard baseline of traffic, but if you target the right fanclubs/groups that are related to your product you will see a nice big spike of targeted traffic that converts!TIP Keep it relevant!

  93. I beleive that most people have more courage on the internet, than in public. Therefore it can be destructive or productive, depending on how you use it. Thanks for the post, was an interesting read 🙂

  94. Ignorant says:

    Social media and networking is corrupting our youth. Younger and younger kids are doing drugs, and know information they should not know. I was very excited to hear the rumor about Facebook shutting down and then disappointed shortly after Y_Y.

  95. I dont agree. it is a good way too be social

  96. Braided Line says:

    I don’t think it cause people to be antisocial. But that is just my experience.

  97. Miriam says:

    Online social networks contribute to making bloggers antisocial as they make their blogs more social in the blogoshere.

  98. It’s all how you use it at the end of the day as with any tool. It will prove unhelpful or even destructive if used incorrectly, but use it well and you’ll reap the rewards.

  99. You have a good point here. I have been doing social media to spread out the good news. But it aint the only way since some may hate also.

  100. Buen says:

    Searched straight info on social networking and found this blog. Thanks for the post, very interesting

  101. It has been proven that removing people from social media and it resembles drug withdraws. I believe that social media does make people anti-social.Being social requires that you interact with society, and not behind a web app.

  102. Nick says:

    I think it does. Has changed the way we meet and communicate and not for the better

  103. tax relief says:

    Its right that in a way social networking is leading users to get into antisocial behaviour.
    But its a great way for online marketers.

  104. Aniruddh says:

    I agree to your opinion. Today newspaper also had research article which describes that because of social networking sites divorce cases are increasing. Thanks for the detailed post on the same.

  105. David says:

    Social media could be much more positive and profitable as we take it at the moment, it helps a business to grow and its easy to handle

  106. LuLu says:

    I do use social networking but primarily for business. I worry about my children as they grow – the extent to which they will rely on it as an alternative for regular social interactions…..

  107. I use it for business, stay in touch with friends …well almost everything. It’s vital nowadays. I hope it doesn’t get corrupted over the course of its development.

  108. Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online.

  109. Social Media has its good and bad in my opinion. Its good for businesses.

    But I’ve also heard some credit collecting agencies send threatening messages to people that owe them money. Just to name a negative example of social media.

  110. Social networking does change your behavior, but anti social I doubt

  111. i think now a days social networking bring drastic change in online business

  112. its good and bad…i mean you can build a lot of connections from these places. your network determines your net worth..and also, everyone is online these days!

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  113. I think social networking is still evolving, and the real impact of it will not be know for another decade.

  114. Helga says:

    Thank you good point of view.
    In one site there are good but in other side they have some disadvantages. We lost our privacy and we can’t do what we want and I am afraid we all will be under control in the future.

  115. Wallpapers says:

    Since the social networks invaded our world, people are socializing less and less in real life. So I suppose we will stop living LIVE and start building a life online.
    These social networks aren’t a bad thing, just the people who use them do not know how to control themselves.

  116. I think social networking, particularly Facebook, has been great at bringing people together.

  117. It is very tough to conclude that is it destructive or productive. Its totally depends on the individual how they use it. Nice posting, It’s proven as important subject.


  118. SWTOR says:

    In a word, Yes, It does. It seems strange that this is so when it revolves around being social in the first place. Perhaps in the future as live streams (Ie Webcams) are incorporated more it will become more of a social gathering.

  119. Cassie says:

    Well, that may be applicable to some people – basically those who don’t have a social life before Twitter, Facebook and such. What I can say is they live such sorry lives.

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  120. Yes Social networking is a very good and profitable we can get a lot of visitor from there if we have the ability to attract a member to see our website so do it only by social networking.

  121. Always connected right? I agree that the next ten, or even five years is going to bring great change in how people connect and network.

    It’s really very subjective, and highly depends on the individual.

  122. Very interesting post. I agree with you as I also think that social networking does change your behavior. But nowadays some people are spending more time on social networks than out in the fresh air, which is ridiculous.

  123. Social Networking is the MOST great way to make our business success since it being some weird paradigm in our society now.

    ” Eveyone Must Be Have Facebook”

    Rian – Thinning Hair Women

  124. This is actually one of the things that I hate about social networking. You have all of these friends, yet you hardly know any of them. Though I have actually gotten the chance to meet many of my online contacts in real life, which really helps solidify a real connection. I think thats really the key: get out from behind your computer once in a while.

  125. Matt says:

    You bring up some very valid points. Instead of being out networking right now, I stumbled across your article trying to “network” on the internet. Its a tough call since I use internet networking to promote my website and youtube dog training page and it seems to be working.

  126. I think to some degree the rising trend of social networking has created a very sad state of affairs for young people. They are so wrapped up in online discussion that a face to face meeting with them is damned near impossible as they are now well versed on how to actually communicate with a living person who is not sitting at a computer.

  127. Jeff says:

    I believe that onkine social networks, if used responsibly, bring a whole new dimension to the way in which people communicate. Responsibly is the key word here. We can easily get carried away and forget the art of building a relationship and end up using them as a billboard. Offline social networks bring a welcome approach to personal interaction.

    Thanks for your observations.

  128. Paul says:

    It’s a double edged sword, social media can be a great to connect with people and can be great for networking but it can also be real drain on your time if your not careful

  129. Netdivvy says:

    Social networking sites took communication to the next level. It made it easy to mingle and socialize with anyone and anywhere in this world without having any human interaction. I don’t think people should be threaten by the advent of social networking sites because it is not made to eradicate human interaction but it’s made to strengthen and make it convenient to communicate to anyone.

  130. Basically have to point out you come up with several fantastic points and i have been just reading through your post it’s very well crafted.

  131. I have read your whole post and i totally agree with your points. It is really interesting and i come to this point that Social Networking is the wonderful way of expanding our business. we can easily promote our business through it in a very short span. You put really very helpful information.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Jeff said it perfectly.

    Nice article sir.

  133. Its a little sad when the online socializing is taking over – and wnen real life actvities are suspended.

  134. news today says:

    I think the opposite is happening. People who have anti-social tendencies are coming out in the open and engage in meaningful friendships with those they met online.

  135. social networking is taking over our lives although it is great fun what happeneed to the old way of communicating

  136. Slippersnet says:

    In the end it is called SOCIAL media, so it would be kind of weird that social media would create anti social behaviour…

    Social media is socialising allover and I think it is an addition to reallife social behaviour.

    However communicating with social media is ofcourse totally different than communicating in person.

  137. Copertine says:

    I used to have a “who cares” mindset around social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because who has the time? But as soon as I made a page for my business, the customers kept coming back. For my business, it was sure a good damn thing and i will continue exploring social media as part of my marketing plan

  138. Zidiniai says:

    Interesting and well written article. Nice to found a new good place to read 😉

  139. I’m 23 and use social networking for all kinds of things. I’ve found work, made money, found new bands I like and found new friends from all over the world.

    Its a baffling phenomenon, but its only going to continue to grow. Its the ease of connecting that really makes it such a powerful thing.

    Nice article, thanks for sharing!

  140. Until recently I haven’t used social networking, I only started to use it not long ago for personal reasons and lately for business. I wouldn’t say it helps my business a lot but it is great to stay in touch with friends.

  141. yes, i agree social network create antisocial. social networking is very helpful. we can have fun, of course, by having connection with our friends, finding new friends. and promote our business.

  142. Sandro says:

    We at love your blog and agree with your idea of teens “glued to their devices”. Social Media should help and support people to interact rather than isolate them. Keep up the good work!

  143. Popi KP says:

    I think that social media do create anti-social behaviours,especially when they are used by kids! Unfortunately they are terribly additected

  144. Amy says:

    There is a positive correlation between heavy facebook usage and a life that is not grounded in reality

  145. There are many good aspects to social media sites. It’s the main reason why the protests in Egypt were ever possible. There probably wouldn’t have been a way to properly plan and organize such a group without a tool such as this.

    Avoid Foreclosure NJ

  146. Y8 says:

    I think it depends on how your really use social networking some people talk and chat in FB and then actually meet so, it still is socializing. Social networking help a lots of people that are shy to mingle with people directly. They just want to start socializing slowly starting with chatting or sending message through email and then eventually if they feel at ease and comfortable with each other then that’s the time they can finally meet face to face.

  147. Konstantin says:

    Thanks for your odservations, i agree.

  148. I believe that since social networks became part of our lives, the quality of our “natural” social behavior has changed. People does not communicate more with the old school ways but prefer to develop a network in social media sites with persons that they believe they could never approach them in “real” life.

  149. samsung says:

    social networking has done a lot and FACEBOOK is one of the market leader whom has done a lot for the peoples to connect with each other and provide a lot of sharing facilities. i think that social networking is must these days.

  150. Dean Jackson says:

    Beware the facebook!

    It’s true that many people get carried away with social media (not just marketers). There are very good reasons why this happens:

    1. Humans are social creatures

    2. Humans enjoy seeing what OTHER people are up to (and in a way live vicariously through eachother)

    3. Social proof is an instinctive function of our behaviour (if we see something that OTHER people like, we are more interested in it – viral media)

    There are more but I think this paints a pretty clear picture of why its become such a huge part of the modern culture. It’s only just beginning so jump on that bandwagon people!


  151. lior says:

    The answer is yes.. take a look on the media and news reports as a social act.. we all care and want to know what happen in all parts of the world. From Libya to japan it’s okay.. but our point of view about those subjects are the problem in some places … not in japan but for sure in the middle east..

  152. Demania says:

    Yes man you are right.. It does create anti – social behavior , but nowadays social networking sites have become such a basic necessitous in our daily life…

  153. Marcel Dias says:

    I think this is a very complicated topic. Social Media can increase the crew productivity, or decrease in the same rate. It´s very easy to lose focus when you have social networks available and can use it anytime at work. I don´t think that social networking necessarily increase the chance of having antisocial behavior. This kind of behavior is much more influenced by the way you were educated at home.

  154. Me too I use facebook for fun and for business, I have my own fan page for my cell phones store; I also use their Ads program because they have good price per click and believe me it’s not too bad!
    I don’t use myspace because i don’t really like it, there is also tagged that i used in the past but I ask myself if that website doesn’t contain viruses because users can provide any graphical content and code that they want.
    I am also a member of Badoo but the problem with it is you can only meet people in your area.
    See you and thanks for this post!

  155. As a 17 year old i think social networking is advancing social interacion, although not in the traditional sence that many older individuals come to acknowledge. I believe that social interaction, like us, is evolving. But tradition is always difficut to break which is why i think adults of today are looking upon it as antisocial.

  156. Vik says:

    I have written on a related topic and i would also love to share it here;

    The origin of social networking can be related to social gathering which started even before the internet was invented. It was derived from the life style of people and relationship among different age groups, society and people sharing similar interests.
    Today social networking have improved in such a way that people do not need to travel miles to gather or network with others. The internet technology have made it very easy for people to meet, share ideas, make friends and relate with one another. To some people, social networking today is a good influence and to others it is said to be a bad influence, but we all know that everything comes with advantages and shortcomings in life.
    The usefulness of social networks today cannot be bypassed. It has become so useful that it affects the life of both the young and old, organizations and the world at large.

    It has become a good source of information
    A friend making tool
    Social life tool
    Dating tool
    Educating & learning tool
    Marketing tool

    Social networks affect our lives in these and many more ways not listed. Before the invention of online social networks, people had pen pals which was basically friendship by pen writing, but now people in different parts of the world can chat, share materials and relate virtually using social networks. There are many social networks online today including the popular ones; Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and upcoming ones like; chathour, Cleakstar and many more.

    Today, we can all say that social networking have contributed positively to the way we live our lives. But what are the side effects or disadvantages of social networking in our everyday live?
    Some people are now using it as a crime committing and abusive tool. Some have been hurt from using social networks and even harmed from the use of social networks. Many have turned it into a scamming tool, sexual harassment tool and all other social vices.

    Even with these side effects, the usefulness of social networks can never be overlooked in this age. People can avoid or cub the bad influence of social networking by;

    Educating others on the positive sides and usefulness of social networks

    Controlling age groups that are allowed to access it

    Penalizing those who abuse the use of social networks

  157. There is a great commercial out right now where kids are trying to get their parents on Facebook to get friends. Lammenting their parents are missing out. While all this is going on with the kid in front of the computer noting their high friend count the parents are out enjoying life… hmmmm

  158. Carrick says:

    Nice practical info. I will subscribe your blog site. Thnx. keep up the excellent work

  159. Interacting with the right people will definitely make you better, no doubt about it, right?

  160. surely it is good media for promotion. but some people complains how they get their facebook wall dirt by unnecessary post like promotion. off course it wouldn’t affect good to our reputation right ?

  161. Ganjarnk says:

    I think it depends on the person, if the person is able to share the time the person I believe can be successful. thanks

  162. Now a day social marketing booming in the world. So I think social marketing is one of the easiest way to reach to the target audience. Social networking websites are help us to target the audience with our interest like region, age, group, gender, state, city, professions, size etc. So for me the social marketing is very very helpful to earn revenue. Thanks for the choosing this topic I find it very helpful for me.

  163. Oyunu says:

    I wanted to thank you for this fantastic read!! I absolutely enjoyed every
    bit of it. I have you book marked to look at new things you post…

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