Why Would Anybody Want to Be in a Fair Fight? Creating your own advantage

Create your own advantage!

If you have trouble discovering an innate advantage—or if what you find doesn’t seem advantageous enough—you create an advantage. The top 1 percent we surveyed and studied did not always have size, beauty, or remarkable demeanors (some were downright obnoxious and a bit hard on the eye), but they all had advantages they used to help them be successful. These advantages were often not innate but things a lot of people might have. The top performers just identified the potential advantages and, if they did not have what they needed to create them, went out and got it.

Creating an advantage is not easy, especially if you have no talent, but it is always possible. Just think about people you’ve worked with over the years: unimpressive, untalented, and eventually in charge.  As you read this, look around you. What does success look like? What do those successful people have that you don’t (other than success, obviously)? Chances are they have more than innate advantages. Try to discover some learnable behaviors or positioning strategies that you could duplicate. Is there an education level that can’t be maneuvered around? Is there training or certification needed?

As you look around, remember that it’s important to know the business culture you’re operating in. You must see business for what it really is: a place where fairness falters, where even the seemingly undeserving win. The terms “fair fight” and “level playing field” have little business in the business world. The bottom line in the real business world is that fairness rarely raises its ugly head. A fair fight means you are unprepared. Heck, I could lose a fair fight. I personally like my fights lopsided in my favor and my opponents minimally skilled and easily defeated.

Let’s be really honest: You want a fair fight only if you believe that equality is more important than personal success or if you are bored with how easily you’ve been winning your fights. When I first started to hear the advantages of the most successful, it did not seem right that they were successful regardless of talent, skill, or education. But I realized that the people who are willing to overcome everything in their path (like a giant lack of talent) because of their desire for their goal were as deserving as anyone else.

Viewing business this way requires a willingness to step away from traditional norms of fairness—to understand that “unfair” fighting does not mean unscrupulous or dishonorable. It means thinking critically about some business practice, personality trait, or personal strategy and then methodically employing it to your advantage so you stand out from others and win. Creating a phony Facebook account for a person who is competing with you for a promotion that clearly states his dedication to Hitler is definitely unscrupulous. However, making sure you discuss your love of the History Channel in the interview with your Nazi-crazed future boss is not. You knew what he valued and got excited about his favorite subject. And you used your thought-to-be-useless knowledge of World War II to get the promotion.

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9 Responses to Why Would Anybody Want to Be in a Fair Fight? Creating your own advantage

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you are saying. I think people are often too idealistic in their views of how business really succeed. It’s really competitive out there, and if you are not using every ethical tool at your disposal, you are most likely going fail.

  2. Business is about as unfair of a battlefield as you can get. You have to constantly be searching for any possible tool that can give you the edge, and when you have that edge you have to take advantage of it.

  3. bobbymarwan says:

    Business world is cruel world, I guess. Those who cannot maintain,, they will be defeated by the strong..

  4. Andrea says:

    I totally agree with you on this point “Try to discover some learnable behaviors or positioning strategies that you could duplicate”. I run a dog training business but my competitor used to get more business in the area of how to stop dog aggression training. So I studied some of his methods and, I duplicated and improved on some of it. The result is that I now get more customers. The hard was being able to find out what he does better which I got some people to help me.

  5. Gord says:

    I totally agree with gaining an unfair advantage by doing something better, cheaper or faster than your competition. I also think that doing product/service comparisons in your advertising to show how you offer better value than you competition is OK too – lots of big food stores do direct price comparisons in their advertising.

  6. Online Games says:

    Like anything in life, if your not prepared you will most likely end up on the losing edge. Life is like a game, you win some , you lose some, but what about those people who always win those games ? Samething in life you practice and prepare you will succeed.

  7. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the great article! For me, I think attitude is absolutely vital along with amazing customer care. I’ve dealt with so many people who just seem like they don’t care and that makes me run quicker than an ice block in a fire storm!

  8. Fair and unfair. Winning and losing. Success and failure. It is just a matter of choices. We know what we want, we just need to figure out how to achieve it.

  9. Love it. As a owner of a massage business in a very crowded market (Portland) I simply HAVE to create my own advantage and think outside the box. There are hardly any visible mobile massage businesses in the area, so this is my target. I have to be the most professional, most available, and most flexible business there is, and that is my goal. Great article!

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