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Garrison Wynn

Garrison helps people learn how to make the jump from being great at what they do to understanding and developing the qualities it takes to be chosen for the job. He gets them to understand why their products, services, or leadership styles—or those of their competitors—are selected. As he says, “If the world agreed on what’s best, everybody would choose the best and nothing else would be considered. Decision making doesn’t work that way.”

As a professional guest speaker, trainer author and entertainer, Garrison has worked with some of the world’s most effective corporate leaders and salespeople, from multibillion-dollar manufacturers to top New York Stock Exchange wire houses. He has a background in manufacturing, entertainment, telecommunications, and financial services.

Garrison started as a sales and marketing person in a branch office of a Fortune 500 company at age 24 and was chosen to be department head at corporate headquarters three years later. He researched and designed processes for 38 company locations nationwide, developed, and marketed products still being sold in 30 countries. An experienced actor in films and a former professional stand-up comedian, he has hosted television specials and national radio programs. Garrison has joined best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey, Ken Blanchard and Jack Canfield in a new book “Speaking of Success”.


4 Responses to Author Bio’s

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi Garrison and Craig,

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your comments about communication and listening skills. I believe this is an area that needs to be explored further due its rare occurrence inside organizations, especially with managers/supervisors. You did a really great job of explaining the value in actively listening to others and not interrupting! I was also reading an article about the parts of the brain that function during both speaking and listening….and they can’t both be active at the same time….interesting. Thanks again for your great insight.


  2. Dale Suslick says:

    Dale Suslick I added your blog to NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

    …Great talk today Garrison

    …Remember, embrace young people, they are the only ones we have and we are not making any new ones …plus, young people are pretty awesome.

    If you get on Facebook at all, you’ll want to claim this blog as your own.

  3. Hi Merlia, could you be more specific about what this would involve?

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