Talent, positioning, skill, relationships, focus and timing create success. Why would someone choose a product, service, leadership style, process or idea over that of the competition? Most of us have learned that people don’t choose what’s best; they choose what they are most comfortable with, whether or not it’s the best. But how do we create that magical mix of the above (talent, positioning, skill, relationships, focus and timing) for our own special recipe of success?

The first step is to understand and believe in the foundation—basics that we may have forgotten or deemed irrelevant because of our personal experiences.

A few basic truths about business

  1. People are most likely to follow and perform well with leaders who make them feel important.
  2. People are most likely to buy from salespeople who listen more than they talk.
  3. People are most likely to agree with people who do not make them feel wrong.
  4. People are most likely to value what they helped to create.
  5. People are most likely to buy into ideas they can understand quickly.
  6. People are most likely to abandon a process that is too complex, even if it works.

Our research into what the most successful have in common showed that what we perceive as the power of personality, a gift of gab, superior intellect and a clairvoyant-like intuition about people and their needs is actually a repeatable process that can be taught, maintained and perfected.

The problem

Those of us who do it naturally don’t see the repeatable process and therefore can’t teach it. Those who do it occasionally don’t do it naturally and can’t repeat it enough to have long-term success. And, unfortunately, those who dispute the power of the basics will never fully grasp the importance of subtle differences and specific tools that will consistently get them preferred.

It seems the truth about success is not for everyone. Many people struggle because they focus on making their efforts seem more valuable to others. Hiding in their complexity and exceptions to the rules, they move away from success.

There’s good news: our research showed that with a little guidance (OK, in some cases a lot of guidance), making people comfortable enough to choose you or what you have to offer is achievable for everyone. And that, I think, is the ultimate truth about success.

3 Responses to Success

  1. Frank says:

    The basic truths you have mentioned are spot on and I know it.
    I have for many years struggled to get my ideas across to my bosses. Whenever I have managed to get my ideas implemented they have generally been successful.

    Having embarked on creating my own success I am interested when you say “It seems that success is not for everyone”. I understand that I should not focus on “ME” but be attentive to the basic truths about business and success.

    I have recently used Hypnosis to tune my subconscious mind to the right path. I have or had a weakness that I think is the result of many years of listening to people telling me that I am wrong or it will not work.

    I know what you say is correct but as you mentioned I need that little guidance to steer me in the right direction.

  2. Yeas to “People are most likely to value what they helped to create” thats why boss’s should give them the opportunity to be one of the company stock holders.

    And on this “People are most likely to abandon a process that is too complex, even if it works.” – there’s no complex process task for those hardworking people.

  3. Yes.Absolutely.You are right.I agree with you and according to me “customer is King” and we must treat him like a king only.

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